Vital-Astro: Modern Vedic Astrology Consulting Firm

'Namaste'! Bowing Down to Divine in You.

Bringing Vitality and Vedic astrology together, a modern-day consulting firm 'Vital-Astro' is formed. Vedic Astrology bestows positivity (Prana) in life so that you attract more wealth, happiness, luck , and great health. We ensure that you can make the best of life-situation; Vedic remedies have been testified by many.

Life is a mix of good and bad fortunes:

For all of us life is a mix of joys and sorrows; In fact, good or bad times to very extent depends on the choices we make. Choices in choosing a career, a life-partner, a business deal, a friend, town and many other life-changing decisions. Vital-Astro guides you to make those important decisions that are best as per your fate plan.

Guidance for Prosperity

Strongly believing in Guru-Shishya (Teacher-Student) tradition, we introduced premium and affordable guidance services. The remedies and solutions are effective and as per best of Vedic Astrology.

Faith  in Divine Power is pre-requisite.


Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma

Modern Day Vedic Astrologer & Founder

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma is one of the best Vedic Astrologer with modern day outlook; Caring and Compassionate Vedic consultant and founding member of Vital-Astro. 

An enlightened soul, he follows Guru-Shishya tradition and hand-holding. Since 12 years he is illuminating paths of 1000s of people (Yajman) in despair. To young students and career enthusiasts, he is more than a friend. In today life chaos he recommends everyone to be under Vedic Guru Guidance.

Pandit jee has been awarded Gold Medal (National level) along with many certifications in Vedic Astrology, Sanskrit, Palmistry, and Gemstones.

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma personally devotes hours to analyze every horoscope (Kundli); all his predictions and remedies come from the deep and precise understanding of an individual situation and Vedic literature.

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Get success, wealth, health & confident you deserve.

Introducing Vitality Programs for everyone whether you are:


Free Vedic Astrology E-book

Discover it's effectiveness in practical life.

Wealth  I  Success  I  Health  I  Education  I Peace  I Marriage

Know the secret science behind Vedic Astrology. Why it's getting so popular in the west. It is practiced and taught by the one of the world's most renowned Vedic Astrologer Dr. David Frawley (honored with Padma Bhushan, 2015).

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma, best Vedic Astrologer with modern day outlook. In this small book, brings in the best of the available resources on Vedic Astrology and simplifies it for your understanding.

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(Starts from Just Rs. 2000 only)

Rs.2000 ($ 30) Only

  • 02 Any Life - Related Questions
  • 20 minutes - Live Consultation
  • 02 - 03 hrs - Horoscope Analysis
  • Vedic Remedies & Solutions
  • One time consultation (20 mins session)
  • Personalised Attention
  • Complete Secrecy
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Rs.5,000 ($ 100) Only

  • 06 Any Life - Related Questions
  • 60 minutes - Live Consultation
  • 04 - 06 hrs - Horoscope Analysis
  • Vedic Remedies & Solutions
  • Upto 3 times consultation (20 mins session)
  • Personalised Attention
  • Complete Secrecy
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Rs.11,000 ($ 200) Only

  • 12 Any Life - Related Questions
  • 120 minutes - Live Consultation
  • 08 - 12 hrs - Horoscope Analysis
  • Vedic Remedies & Solutions
  • Upto 6 times consultation (20 mins session)
  • Personalised Attention
  • Complete Secrecy
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