Vital-Astro:Modern Vedic Astrology Consulting Firm

Vedic Works of literature (Astrology, Ayurveda & Yoga) believes in the concept of Vitality (Prana). Prana is "life force" or "life energy". The rhythm of planets in one's body keeps the life energy unafflicted with failures, bad karma, and luck.

The vitality of mind, body, and soul is always required, but in the society of mixed culture and high competition we are missing the vitality in our day to day life. The deficiency of vitality can be observed in life as problems with career, health, confidence, relationship, money, love life. Efforts are there.. but still one is far or unclear about their goals.

Vedic Astrology is a highly evolved predictive science that always has the power to guide us. Vital-Astro combines Vitality and Vedic Astrology and introduced guidance programs. Premium, affordable and customised service with personal attention.

Following the Vedic Dharma of Astrology, we predict your success timings and events. Vital-Astro aim is to let you stick only to your role of Karma, we analysis your destiny plan and guides you to make the most of your life.

Vedic Astrologer at Vital-Astro is an enlightened person with strong belief in the power of luck and karma. Other team members are also highly qualified and jointly they serve this higher purpose of bringing positiveness in others (Yajmaan) life.



Vital-Astro is Vedic Astrology and Scriptures based and so our logo depicts. Logo comprises of two major elements.

  1. Vital-Astro as text.
  2. Swastika extension as Sudarshan Chakra ( Horoscope Houses).

1. Vitality and Astrology are blended to form a modern word Vital-Astro highlighting true meaning and purpose of astrology.

2.Swastika is a blend two words in Sanskrit; Sw (Self) and Astik (believing in the existence of God); means where God exists himself.

Why Swastika?

Devdutt Pattanaik simplifies the meaning of Swastika in his book MyGita, "Hindu mythology constantly refers to this fourfold division of this world- the world of elements, plants, animals, and humans". Vital-Astro as a responsible Vedic Astrology Consultancy firm guides his clients to be in sync with nature appreciating this fourfold division rather than just focus on one's material needs.

Extension of Swastika to Sudarshan Chakra; it depicts the houses in the horoscope and aligning with the rhythms of planets and our body we can free from the bondage of Maya (illusion).


TIME - Our Values

Time is fourth dimension and  always keeps running and so do our lives.  We all should use this lifetime optimally, blessed from Divine Consciousness(Bhagwan).

T - Time  |  I - Intellect |  M- Material Needs |  E - Energy




  • To add substantial value to the lives of 1000 individuals in the first 3 years.
  • Most appreciated Vedic Astrology brand by the year 2021.
  • To dedicate learnings and new practices to Vedic Astrology.


  • To gain the position of most friendly and reliable astrology service.
  • To remove the myths related to Vedic Astrology and Hinduism.
  • To attract youth towards Vedic Astrology.

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