Few simple and practical learnings from Bhagavad Gita. The Song of God, to perfect our Life Rhythm


Bhagavad Gita has never been easy for everyone to understand. The struggle that I faced is experienced by many to learn the teachings of Gita in practical life.  This post is a synopsis of learning from simplified Gita books of modern day authors.

Gita, has always fascinated me since my childhood. My father used to motivate me and my younger brother to read Bhagwad Gita during our summer vacations. We hardly get any the sense of it at that age.

During my MBA in the UK when I exposed to the multicultural;  then I started to understand the real meaning of Bhagavad Gita in my life. The wisdom shared by Krishna is applicable to all contexts. Let me share few here:

You and I are not here to judge:  Devdutt Patanaik says Hindu mythology doesn’t have the concept of Judgment Day. The God of Hinduism is no judge, we are bound by the Karma Phala and their consequences. Hence, Krishna gives no commandments in Gita. He simply explains the architecture of the world. As long as we judge, we cannot see the world for what it is; we are simply spellbound by the boundaries.

A world created based on judgement evokes rage. Today life at workplace is becoming a battleground (Rana-Bhoomi)...so much of work-pressure, while it is a performance stage (Ranga-Bhoomi).

Essence of Darshan: Krishna says “Do you see me as hero, villain or victim? If yes, then you are not doing darshan. If you can empathize with the fears that make people heroes, villains and victims then you are doing darshan. For then you look beyond the boundaries that separate you from the rest.”

Work is Worship: Swami Bodhananda says about the real identity One needs an identity, a goal in his life like no another. An individual identity, a person for self. Everyone wants to be happy, happiness is human true nature and work brings us closer to God. A true human connects himself through God; with his work, he can be a musician, an engineer, a doctor and or a workshop person. A professional accomplishment gives them a happiness like no other.

Entrepreneur as the agent of Gods (angels): An entrepreneur is signified as an angel.They are creating wealth, opportunities. Opportunities as in jobs..professional jobs which gives a person a real meaning to his life, the opportunity to grow, opportunity to be more meaningful. We know what Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg has given to this world and both are an ardent believer in Krishna teachings. Swami Bodhananda adds we need to see the entrepreneurs with open minds and welcome them. This is what our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is creating opportunities in India for young generation with Start-ups.

Women Respect and Equality: As per Bhagavad Gita, women held special status on mother earth, in the eco-system. Unless mother earth is obliged … unless women obliged… there would be no progeny on mother earth… life would become meaningless… decay and die! In absence of mother earth… no soul atman could ever manifest life. It is for this primary reason we should always respect women.

There are many learning from Gita that are practical in daily life, however, I have discussed only judgment, work, entrepreneurship, and women respect.

If you haven't read Bhagavad Gita, please do so (take our time to read it) and expand your knowledge to see and experience this world.

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