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Who seeks humans as food? Can humans be of value without being consumed? The question is astonishing and so is the answer.

From the book of mythologist expert Devdutt Pattanaik, 'My Gita',  ''Nature only value that is consumable as food. Sun, Rain, and Earth did not have any value until trees came along and sought sunlight, water, and soil as food. Likewise, plants had no value until animals sought them as food. Animals had no value until other animals sought them as food.''

Yes, we can be food for another human (not being literally). One can devote their skills and services to a higher purpose.

A mother's womb is the feeding cradle for her budding baby. Let’s assume our bodies to be energy resource for a higher purpose like office-work. The cycle of work and office keeps going in daily life. To energize our mind, body, and soul we nurture it with food, exercise, and prayers. Next day we go to the office and dedicate this energy to tedious tasks in offices, for women it may be office work or managing household tasks. We are human, not machines; so we dedicate our energy to creative ways.

Synergy is created when two individuals meet, i.e your energy and my energy synergizing creates a new energy which is more than the two individual energies. Like one plus one is three. Union among workplace creates the highest form of energy which is called Synergy.

How good a human can be of value to other or society when he has no skills to dedicate for, can be even good for his own?

Rajaram Balajee in his book on 'Ganpati, Lakshmi, Saraswati, a Vedic Perspective', unveils the meaning of Anna Lakshmi (Shri): " The being that Shri resides, though desiring for material activities has always truth in its expressions. That being is ready to be the food for other beings or part of the bigger sacrificial chain of the Universe."

The rational thoughts on food from Devdutt Patnaik and Rajaram Balajee are enough to answer the questions.However, this might raise one more important question to your mind? Am I am part of the right food chain, am I serving for the right purpose?

Some lucky people have the answer to these questions as they are motivated with their work roles and place. The confused or lost ones can seek guidance from a good friend or parents. If still there is restlessness then a qualified Vedic Astrologer can definitely guide you.

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