Unveil the secret of invoking Ganapati, Lakshmi & Saraswati before any Vedic Rituals.

Ganesh, Lakshmi, Saraswati-VedicPerspective

Most of us have a question in mind, ‘ Why these three deities are so important in Hinduism and why are seen together ?’

Vedic Dharma if interpreted in its pure sense is invoking the God in us rather than just praising these divinities. Vedic scriptures have described the characteristics of these divinities, asking us to invoke those characteristics in our pursuit of life.

What has happened is over a period of time, the symbols and rituals associated with our scriptures have taken the real meaning and purpose.

Let us first understand what three divinities stand for?

Ganapati indicates thoughts in our brain or the brain itself. Thoughts that reflect the conscience, peace in actions arising out of our thoughts. The conscience that is present in every matter and being as a sign of that Supreme Consciousness (Vishnu) is Lakshmi. The thoughts when flowing as a river between open minds is Knowledge or Saraswati.



Vigna means agitation/ disturbance. Agitation of our mind and body manifests as thoughts and actions. Vigneshwara is the master (Easwara) of these agitations, which means thoughts and actions.

Gana refers to set of groups. Ganapati means who is the leader (pati) of the groups. If thoughts are a group then brain hosts them is Ganapati. If our body systems are a group, then the Brain that controls them is Ganapati. Wherever we need to invoke our brain, concentrate, focus, think and act we invoke Ganapati or Vigneswara.

Ganapati and Lakshmi

Our thoughts have to reflect the conscience if we have to be at peace with ourselves. What is the conscience...? Where does this reside..? Sri Suktam explains that conscience or the consciousness that resides in matter and beings. Goddess Sri is referred in Rig Veda, Sri is called Lakshmi in it.


Vedic Scriptures mentions about Eight Lakshmis, eight attributes or signs that a being should possess. These eight attributes are the sign or mark of that Supreme Consciousness residing in us.

The eight attributes of Lakshmi are:

1. Vidya Lakshmi – Sign of Education/ Knowledge

2. Vijaya Lakshmi – Sign of Refusing to be beaten

3. Veera Lakshmi – Sign of Truth in our expression

4. Sanatana Lakshmi – Sign of treating all beings on earth as a family.

5. Gaja Lakshmi  – Sign of Control and Rulership of ourselves.

6. Anna Lakshmi  – Sign that we are food to each other.

7. Dhana Lakshmi – Sign that we desire materials.

8. Maha Lakshmi - Realizing that this sign of consciousness that exists in all matter and beings called Wisdom.

All these 8 attributes cover a major of skill and discipline required to succeed in life. When we worship Lakshmi, we invoke these in our consciousness to align with that Supreme Consciousness.

Lakshmi and Saraswati

Laksmi is that consciousness that is fixed in everyone as a sign of that Supreme Consciousness then Saraswati is the flow of thoughts from one being to another and called knowledge.

Lakshmi is non-moving and fixed and imperishable consciousness, then Saraswati is fast moving thoughts. Lakshmi (Sign of that Supreme consciousness), as well as Saraswati (flow of thoughts), is present in every being.

Rig Veda mentions Saraswati as River. We know Saraswati as Goddess of Knowledge. But several Sanskrit scholars explain Saraswati as just a river based on their understanding. Who in reality in Saraswati..?


Knowledge is nothing but the power of expression. Vedic Mantras invokes Saraswati as the best rivers and best of the Mothers. Mother teaches the expression to a child. Hence Sarawati is the Ultimate Mother. The power of expression flows across beings like a river and evolves living beings continuously. Hence is the ultimate river.

Thus the worship of Saraswati means invocation of Knowledge or our power of expression. This power of expression can be in any domain, be it’s arts, science, technologies, mathematics etc..

Let us all invoke Ganapati, Saraswati, and Lakshmi within and spread the real essence of Vedic Dharma.

Sharing this post, I am very grateful to “ Mr. Rajaram Balajee ” for his book Ganapati Lakshmi Sarasvati: The Vedic Perspective . The post is majorly inspired by this book.

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