Vital-Astro's astrological remedies and solutions are based on Vedic Astrology that motivates you as a friend, a guide, a motivational consultant. Along with regular services on Doshas like Pitra Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Manglik Dosha and other we provide Vital Guidance Program.

One's duty is stick to the path of Dharma, Kama, Artha, and Moksha. We take care of all of your Vedic guidance requirement from time to time that is dynamic and humane.


1. SHARE I Video or Personal Session to discuss

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma, will be guide you in-person.

Vital-Astro prefers to your birth details prior before first meeting , Pandit jee dedicates few hours to analyse horoscopes/kundli based on the objectives and goals you are loking for whether its marriage, higher education, money or fame.

Our consultancy services starts with just Rs. 2000 ($20). Here you will get 2-3 hrs of horoscope analysis along with 20 minutes of exclusive meeting with Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma.  All services are completely personalised with remedies and solutions prescribed exclusively for you.


2. SOLUTION I Suggestions & Remedies for you

In Vital Premium Services ,Deep Analysis (more than 02 hrs) of your Vedic Kundli (Horoscope) is provided. Once your payment is confirmed, 1-2 days of turnaround time required to schedule appointment with Vedic Guru.

Meeting will be on video call or in personal (only in Bhopal) as per convenient time.

Vedic Guru Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma personally guides you how to use the remedies or solutions, make necessary predictions. You get enough time to clear all your doubts.

Vedic Remedies and solutions are also emailed. You also get a lucky goodies bag.


3 SUSTAIN I Regular updates on progress

Pt.Vishnu Prakash Sharma believes in the power of fate and karma. Vedic Astrological Remedies will be exclusively suggested  as per your luck, ambitions and future goals.

Real transformation begins when you follow the  Vedic remedies with utmost faith and proper discipline. For any queries and doubt, you can always e-mail or call us.

After a prescribed time, you are welcomed to discuss the progress or any further issues in life. Your progress is being monitored and updated in your records.

As your relationship grows with Vital-Astro, belief in God and Karma and so your luck shines.

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 Vital- Advantages for you:

  • Get continuous reliable and practical Vedic solutions.
  • Simple and easily understable language
  • Take more control of your life.
  • Get completely personalised and exclusive solutions (manually calculated, not just by a software).


(Starts from Just Rs. 2000 only)

Rs.2000 ($ 30) Only

  • 02 Any Life-Related Questions
  • 20 mins - Live Consultation
  • 02 - 03 hrs - Horoscope Analysis
  • Vedic Remedies & Solutions
  • Only one time consultation (20 mins session)
  • Personalised Attention
  • Complete Secrecy

Rs.5,000 ($ 100) Only

  • 06 Any Life-Related Questions
  • 60 mins - Live Consultation
  • 04 - 06 hrs - Horoscope Analysis
  • Vedic Remedies & Solutions
  • Upto 3 times consultation (20 mins session)
  • Personalised Attention
  • Complete Secrecy

Rs.11,000 ($ 200) Only

  • 12 Any Life-Related Questions
  • 120 mins - Live Consultation
  • 08 - 12 hrs - Horoscope Analysis
  • Vedic Remedies & Solutions
  • Upto 6 times consultation (20 mins session)
  • Personalised Attention
  • Complete Secrecy

 (Vedic Astrology Consultation in English & Hindi)

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Vital-Astro provides the personalized & accurate reading of your Vedic horoscope from Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma. Book your appointment now and take a step towards your luck.