Vedic Astrology & Business

Business is serious work and it involves lot of risks and patience.

Everyone needs a stable source of income to be successful.  However, a person can earn income by a job or business or both. Vedic Astrology enables to look the charts and current capabilities to understand what job or business can he go in to make a stable livelihood.

Business is the only source of income that gives freedom of work and finance. Almost everyone desires to own a business, but planetary conditions and combinations do not favor business success to everyone. So it's always better to know beforehand.

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma enlightenment can guide existing or new businessman if you:

  • Want to expand your current business for coming future.
  • Not getting enough profits from the current business.
  • Want to open a new business, but confused on choosing right vertical or product.
  • Feeling negative vibes at your business place for a long time.

If any of the situation matches yours, no further need to worries. Join Vital-Astro and we guide you so that you make most of your business potential.

Read below How Vedic Astrology can predict your Business Success.


How Vedic Astrology and Astrologer can guide Business?

Business & Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology has got a wide scope of looking into someone’s horoscope and predict the success for their business ventures. Business is a planned venture and it may involve risk factors like market conditions, economic instability. The external factors are out of our control, but there are many things that can be controlled for business success. This involves making the right decision at the right time, choosing a right name for the business, getting into the sector that is auspicious for a native. A person majorly interested in knowing the success rate and profitability of its existing business or to start a new business.

There are many hidden factors that are revealed by reading horoscope with the aid of qualified astrologer. Along with there are various remedies and solutions that can be a boon to make the situations as per the will. Sometimes there is a business man which have been successful for long but now they are facing troubles, Vedic Astrology can definitely guide them in correctly predicting the favourable time for them along with the changes they need to do either in business or personal life to get on the path of profitability in Business. For business ventures partner’s luck matters a lot and that needs to be thoroughly checked before moving ahead.

Choosing Business Sector with Vedic Astrology

Choosing a right business sector is a must for a profitable business. The base for choosing right sector or stream can be an individual strength in terms of its skills and expertise. However, in most of the cases, the person is confused with the sectors that he can get into or start with. Vedic Astrology can guide him to select the best according to his abilities, that a person might not be able to look into, the astrologer will guide with the options that are favourable with his star positions. Also if there are partners involved, he can look and match his horoscope. For example, a person with Good Venus can go for the business that is related to arts, cosmetics or beauty, while a person with good mercury can go for law consultancy or analytical business.

Different planets & their strengths for Business Sector

Every person is born has different Karmas in their previous births and so they are born with a predetermined fate plan. They have some weak and strong planets. To run a successful business, the native should choose a business aligned with the lord of 7th house in the horoscope. You need to know what your 7th house lord is. The planets have a strong role in making a business sector suitable for a business person.

Here is a small list as per planets and professions:

Sun: Related to Government

Moon: Cotton, Water, Food

Mars: Automobiles, War Equipments

Mercury: Telecomm, Communication, News, Media-person, Marketing, Stock-Broker

Jupiter: Philosopher, Spiritual Guru, Education

Venus: Garments, Creative Business, Entertainment Business

Saturn: Land, Real Estate, Steel

Rahu: Gambling, Lottery, Black Money

Ketu: Business like IT, Politics

Profitability in Business

Continuous profits in Business guarantees the success of Business and Businessman in the long run. However, there can be a tough time where a business can be in losses and it might be for a long time. To overcome such situation consulting a Vedic Astrologer can be a wise decision, he let you know you what Bad Karmic Strength are obstacles in getting the profits in business.

  • Astrology for business provides the information through which you may predict the future conditions and you may prepare for the challenges much ahead than others.
  • It helps you to understand the hidden and future opportunities that may come in the way of your life and you will able to plan for the upcoming risks.

Role of Vedic Astrologer

Whether you are experienced or new businessman, profitability in business needs to be ensured for a long run. There might be times when you are putting all your efforts but still the situation is not in your favour. However, it is always wise to go beforehand to Vedic Astrologer and get his regular consultation for the important decisions regarding business sector, auspicious name and time to start.

Vedic Astrology has many remedies as per the individual charts and planet strength. That can be Pooja, Yantra installation, Vastu Changes, Gemstones etc. Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma is a highly experienced and best Vedic Astrologer, he has guided many new and existing business person in making the best of their planets strength and capabilities. You can also get this guidance by seeking his consultation. He is available for in-person consultation in Bhopal, for persons residing outside Bhopal can get his consultation on Skype through Video call.


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I am connected to Sharma jee since I was going to UK for MBA in September 2008. All his predictions came out to be true, sooner or later. After finishing my MBA I was keen to work for a MNC, I gave some years to job and was never satisfied

 Pandit Vishnu Kumar Sharma guided me and revealed to me that I meant for business not for job. My planets and horoscope favors my success in business. Now I am managing my own business (jewellery and education) sucessfully keep seeking his advice in between.

Mr. Rajesh K. Hedau, Chhindwara


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