Vedic Astrology & Education

Lost your track of interest in studies or no way to move ahead.

Education is a must for individual growth; School & college education is the base of a happy life, great earnings, and successful career. However today the competition is getting fierce and employability skills are also under question on the National and International level.

Students undergo a lot of pressures in school & college life while:

  • Preparing for competitive exams.
  • Choosing Maths, Commerce, Management or Arts Stream.
  • Not getting enough passion in the chosen stream.
  • Not able to concentrate on studies.
  • Worried for future - preparing for Govt. Jobs or Private Stream.

If you are a student or parent and you or your child is facing education pressure, don't need to be panic any-more. Vital-Astro is there to guide you how to overcome this and make your dreams true of being an Engineer, Doctor, IAS, CA, Foreign Graduate. Take better hold of your career & studies.

Read below ! How Vedic Astrology Can Help Students.


How Vedic Astrology and Astrologer can guide Students ?

Concentration & Vedic Astrology

This has been quite a common phenomena in the students during the education days of losing concentration or lack of interest in studies. The reason can be many, however, such situations can’t be neglected and need to be addressed properly. There have been many Vedic Remedies that can help students in getting their focus and attention back to studies. Reciting Gayatri Mantra is very common and brings concentration in studies with a positive mind. This is one of the few, however, the best can be a combination of the colour scheme that is suitable as per his Vedic Astrological Horoscope, installation of some yantras, Vedic mantra or pooja.

There might be some Doshas that is blocking the student studies, however, with Vedic Astrology the root cause of the problem can be identified and in some time the issues can be sorted out with the aid of proper Vedic Remedies.

Choosing Subject Stream & Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology reveals the skills for which a student can pursue the best of career with, the Vedic indications and success predictions should be used to choose the particular subject stream for a particular career. There are some auspicious yogas like ‘Saraswati Yoga’ and ‘Buddhitawa Yoga’ which guarantees higher education like Masters and PhD for a native.

Different planets and their strengths gives indications for

Sun: Represents name, fame and authority as well as politicians and doctors.

Moon: Stable and focused mind in studies.

Mars: Signifies technical education, mathematics, investigators

Mercury: Indicator of good Communication Skills, a must for any education

Jupiter: Represents knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, logic, intuition, knowledge about scriptures and prosperity.

Venus: Creative Arts, Music and Literature.

Saturn: Connected with earthly matters like mines, minerals, fuel, artisan and factory.

Rahu and Ketu combination with planets make many options. However, their good positions are must for career and education.

Profitability in Business

Continuous profits in Business guarantees the success of Business and Businessman in the long run. However, there can be a tough time where a business can be in losses and it might be for a long time. To overcome such situation consulting a Vedic Astrologer can be a wise decision, he might let you what Bad Karmic Strength are obstacles in getting the profits in business. Astrology for business provides the information through which you may predict the future conditions and you may prepare for the challenges much ahead than others. It helps you to understand the hidden and future opportunities that may come in the way of your life and you will able to plan for the upcoming risks.

Role of Vedic Astrologer

Vedic Astrological Counselling by a highly experienced astrologer can provide a positive direction to the academic life of a student. A major aid in decision making can be in choosing the stream/ subject area in higher secondary, preparing for competitive exams.

Choosing a particular trait for the profession can also be guided by a Vedic Astrologer. Every individual has got certain skills that he/ she is good at, making them choose a career is always wise as we can make the best of career from same. Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma is a highly experienced modern day astrologer who has guided many students, career professionals in making their way to success. He is one the best Vedic Astrologer and available for personal consultation in Bhopal, for candidates outside Bhopal, can take his consultation online on Skype.

*** Student Review ***


Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma, is very helpful to me in choosing the right stream of education. I was very confused to choose which subject in higher secondary education. Not only this I have taken his help in making the right decision for my career. I have been associated with him from more than seven years.

He also guided to my elder with Vedic remedies in getting a good job, I recommend Pandit Vishnu Prakash Sharma to every student or career professional who is having trouble in education or career. He is an expert in Vedic Astrology.

Mr. Bharat Bharadwaj, Vidisha

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