Vedic Astrology & Peace

Inner peace and satisfaction are not easy to attain & maintain..

Bhagwat Gita suggests one to be always happy and let all worries and fear to be surrendered to Lord Vishnu.

However, how many of us are really able to attain such state of mind where one is always happy as mentioned in Gita. It might be our emotional or materialistic need for us or our loved ones that keep us away from happiness.

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma has the power to calm by his words in the very first meeting itself and people feel positive and happy in his company. Vedic Astrological Remedies for peace can guide you in:

  • Well to do with money & fame but still no peace of mind.
  • Series of unfortunate events in family and friend circle.
  • Retired person and worried about children.
  • Want to understand Hinduism & Mental Peace.
  • Unknown fear or lack of confidence.

Peace of mind is the root of a healthy life and being. Vital-Astro & Vedic Astrology relates peace to well being of not just an individual but for society.

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Technology and rise of Start-Ups globally are attracting youth. Now they can be in the position of CEO/ CFO in few years.

Do you feel passionate about entrepreneurship and skeptical about the luck in favor or time?




The Economic slowdown is building a lot of pressure on every business. No business B2B or B2C is unaffected.

Is your business facing slowdown or not on right track. You need to understand your lucky business and time.


It is a divine blessing of God that man & woman fall in love and creates a new world through the institution of marriage.

Being loved all life that a man or woman wishes for..and perfect match has no fixed formula or is it?

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