Vedic Astrology & Entrepreneurships

Is charisma of being an entrepreneur is keep you awake all times?

The rise of startups globally have given the youth the golden chance to be a CEO in few years. But a hard truth is that most entrepreneurs, statistic shows 90 percent of all technology startups fail.

Timing plays an important role in starting a new business.  It can’t be ignored, and it can’t be substituted just by paying more attention to the other elements of your business.

Vedic Astrology can predict your Success in Business, by the analysis of your own astrology birth chart for indications of success in the business area, the best time to start and lucky verticals for you.

Do you feel passionate about entrepreneurship and want to know?

  • The success rate of being an entrepreneur rather than an employee at an MNC.
  • What age is preferable for you to be in business?
  • Which vertical or sector is good for me?
  • What product or service will be good for me?

Let Vital-Astro be your helping hand in getting you on the right track..of entrepreneurship. Not just one-time but for months and years ahead.

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Education is a primary need, school, and college education are getting tougher, but a foundation for successful life.

Lost your interest in studies, can't concentrate or confused which stream to choose that secures my career.


The Economic slowdown is building a lot of pressure on every business. No business B2B or B2C is unaffected.

Is your business facing slowdown or not on right track. You need to understand your lucky business and time.


Life is a mix of pleasures and griefs. However, if you don't find happiness in daily life.  Feel worried, negative.

Inner peace is easy to attain & maintain...unless you know the secret of being always happy.

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