Vedic Astrology Insights on Planets, Signs and Houses

Want to understand the basic terms used in Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology is a great science, infact first science, a predcitive science with great framework and metholodology.

However, it's not quite easy for a common man to get a good grasp of Vedic Astrology and to predict future for himself or someone.

But, it's quite possible for us to understand the purpose of Vedic Astrology and why it's a gift for human.

It's easy to understand the meanings of planets, houses and signs. We should be aware of the constituent or life parts that these impacts upon.

This section will be majorly comprising of all articles on the major terms that we came across with Astrologers, like Doshas, Dashas, malefic and beneficiory Yogas.


Vedic Remedies & Solutions


Technology and rise of Start-Ups globally are attracting youth. Now they can be in the position of CEO/ CFO in few years.

Do you feel passionate about entrepreneurship and skeptical about the luck in favor or time?



Economic slowdown is building a lot of pressure to every business. No business B2B or B2C is unaffected.

Is your business facing slowdown or not on right track. You need to understand your lucky business and time.


Life is a mix of pleasures and griefs. However, if you don't find happiness in daily life.  Feel worried, negative.

Inner peace is easy to attain & maintain...unless you know the secret of being always happy.

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