Invoking Lord Hanuman bless with concentration, courage and dedication. Must Read for Parents.


16 -25 age is the growing phase when the parents are most worried about their children's education and career. This is the budding period and the grades obtained in this time decide one’s admission in good engineering, medical, commerce or art institutes.

Learning and values developed in this time are going to be enlightened one’s journey. Hitches or any breaks of 1-2 years really hampers the career. Unfortunate ones spoil their time, years and sometimes even have to wander lifetime.

But as the growing age is there and so the freedom. Freedom of action, freedom of thoughts, freedom in eating habits and to some extent few take it as freedom of sex and alcohol. Of course, it’s a growing age and young blood wants to participate in other activities rather than just studies and job. So what can be or who can show them the righteous way to be focused on their goals.

Shree Hanuman - A celibate and a perfect devotee has all the solutions to keeps youngsters motivated.

An epitome of healthy and clean lifestyle: Hanuman is always associated with fresh fruits and good aroma. If you read the Vedic Sutras you will be surprised to know that to invoke this deity, one needs to be very disciplined.

Rules Tuesday (Mars) and Slay ill-effects of Saturn:

The one who is the devotee of Hanuman gets the best of Mars and Saturn. From the words of Sam Geppi (Yoga and Vedic Astrology) let’s put some light on their impact in one’s life. Mars is Capacity for strength. The ability to put our principles into action and fight the good fight is the type of strength. The discipline and courage to face down the true enemy, our own ignorance, is where Mars is leading us. Saturn, his Sanskrit name is “Shani,” which is the same as the word for “peace” - Shanti. He signifies capacity for solitude, facing our fears and letting go of things.

Orange is Color of Sacrifice:

Hanuman temple and body, all is colored with the beautiful Sindoori color that is orange. Orange signifies the sacrifice: that we need to make for reaching our goal, whether it’s the pleasure of meeting friends, cinema, enjoying time with love-partners. That might be important for a while but the same time can be better utilized for one’s mind and body growth. Scientific research recommends colors’ pro-founding effect on emotional and rational intelligence. Orange has a great association with positive energy.

Serving for the higher purpose:

Lord Hanuman has got all the powers in this World and was capable of enough to kill Ravana himself, but he wasn’t commanded to do so. A strong person with being so humble and devoted to his duties, make us learn that we need to work for a higher purpose. We are a part of the bigger system and our synergies are required to make a better world. The Gurus and Seniors (at college, office or workplace) are the lights of wisdom that we need to follow, no matter how wise we feel in ignoring them. Being humble is the best way to grow.

So it comes to the end of this article, hopes it solves some of the troubling parents' head. Let all their worries and distraction of your tender hearts direct in the devotion of Lord Hanuman.

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