True logic; Why worshiping Hanuman negate malefic effects of Shani (Saturn)

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You might have heard the story from Ramayana where Hanuman frees Shani from Ravana's prison. Thus Shani gives a boon to Hanuman,' Worshipping Hanuman with great devotion will negate malefic effects of Shani'.

The story is interesting, but we don't get the logic to our topic of the post.

To begin with we need to first understand what bad Shani can bring & what positive Hanuman adds to life.

Problems with Shani (Saturn) are:

  • Worrying, Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Stomach Troubles
  • Avoiding things & Controlling behavior
  • Facing Death

Hanuman is an epitome of courage and dedication. We all know his mighty powers & great humbleness. He always sings Sita-Raam and brings our focus to the great story of Ramayana. Being his devotee is also not very easy, it requires a lot of discipline, sacrifice, and cleanliness.

Let us eradicate Shani problems with Hanuman's real essence one by one.

Worrying, Anti-Social Behaviour; Saffron and so it's positive energy charges the body with new enthusiasm and dedication to a higher cause. 

Hanuman color is associated with sindoor (saffron). Saffron that is also a color in our national flag, motivates to sacrifice our pleasures and get in the path of righteousness for greater goals; in life like higher education, career, marriage etc. 

Fruits associated with Saffron colors like Orange, Saffron, and Almonds also adds to energy, concentration, and peace of mind. Saffron signifies channelizing our energy in the right direction.

Stomach Troubles; How stomach troubles can stand in front of healthy and fit lifestyle.

Hanuman is always shown as muscular and perfectly fit; loves fruits and adds tulsi to make his prasad complete. A real devotee of a Hanuman is healthy, loves fruits & salads. By his inspiration, they are motivated to keep themselves healthy and fit. Hanuman is seen as a great ideal for body-building and his huge idol, pictures, can be seen in akhadas, gyms and fitness clubs.

Avoiding things & Controlling behavior; Inspiration from Disciplined Life of Sita-Raam

Hanuman is a celestial deity and worships Sita-Raam. This guides students to be focused on their education in school and college days. Raam as a king married only to Sita and that also teaches us to be like Raam.We need to share the divine relation of marriage with only one. Following Brahmacharya in education days is an age-old and wise tradition. Most of the parents are worried about their child in this phase.

Facing Death; Hanuman makes us believe in importance of time with Astrology

Saturn exists at the edge of the Solar System (last planet in Vedic Astrology) and marks the limits of time and space we must respect here on Earth. People having weaker Shani results in not able to come out after seeing the death of their loved ones. They face deeper anxiety, worry and sometimes depression.

As Shaani marks the end of time while Hanuman is considered to be a Vedic scholar with great knowledge of Vedic Astrology. As Astrology believes in the Doctrine of Reincarnation and Soul, it becomes easy for his believer to overcome sorrow of death.

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