Overcome Life Troubles with Vedic Astrology.


Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a highly evolved predictive science, based on the moments of planets and stars on Human Life. Vedic Astrology is not just about predictions and fortune telling. However, it is mostly concerned with understanding the conditional relation with our Karma, the timing of unfolding major life events and how to gain a better insight of ourselves (Self-Awareness).

In the past few years with the advent of computers and people with half knowledge has started doing astrology. They disgraced the name of astrology which has influenced the belief of common man in Vedic Astrology.  Pandit Vishnu Prakash Sharma recommends Astrology is also not there to make people very dependent to look for every answers - seeking muhurat for every small thing.

Today’s World Economic Turbulence

In the past 15 years with the advent of computers and smartphones, the rate of progress in every sector has been increased. There is a fierce global competition, China has it's comparative advantage in manufacturing electronics; while India has it’s in software. However, you must agree that the same digitization of business and processes has shrunken traditional jobs. Uncertainties and Insecurities arise in personal, career and financial front. At times, taking a decision is difficult. In such situation and to plan our life well we need a counselor, a great knowledge.

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma in this article shares the major areas of life where Vedic Astrology can guide us.

  • resolve complications
  • reduce stress in life
  • eliminate uncertainties
  • help in making better & informed decisions
  • understand our strengths, weakness
  • making suitable choices

Astrology can be used for your benefit in the following ways:

1. Career

  • Reveals what is the highest position in the career you can achieve.
  • Multiple career options and unable to decide which stream to take.
  • Best time your moves by identifying favorable periods
  • Making students more focused towards studies and career.


Pt. Sharma has been guiding many students and career professionals in their journey. He believes his services to be blessing of Lord Vishnu.  Kunal Malik (34 years), an IT professional has been under his guidance from past 3 years.

In Dec 2017, he was taking a major move in his career, shifting from Delhi to Canada to pursue his future ambition along with his wife and a daughter. The charts were suggesting his success and there were few hindrances that he overcame by suggested remedies. Today he is successfully working as Sr. Automation Developer at Citibank Canada.

2. Relationships

  • Understand compatibility with you and your spouse.
  • Know the  time-frame for bad phases in the relationship in order to avoid any wrong action in that time-frame.

3. Children

  • Know their inherent nature, how would they react and can you handle them.
  • Understand their strength, weakness.

 4. Health

  •  Know what diseases you are prone to so that you can follow a healthy lifestyle to counteract that.
  •  Understand the deity/deities that you need to get a blessing for a blissful life.

  5. Understand yourself:

  • Understand you nature, qualities, what works and what does not work for you, how can you increase luck in your life by overcoming the not-so-lucky planets and time-frames in your life.

Vital-Astro is committed in bringing the best of Vedic Science to the well-being of his clients. Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma rated recently as Top Three Astrologers in Bhopal. Accurate predictions with effective Vedic remedies and solutions has been life-motivating to many.



Vital-Astro is an informative portal on Vedic Sciences, particularly Vedic Astrology. The vision of this portal is to make the viewers aware of the great knowledge and techniques shared in our Vedic Scriptures, also we condemn any kind of superstitions. We strive for peace and well-being of everyone.

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