Influence of Planets on our Body – A Vedic Astrological Perspective


What are the two reasons for life on Earth? What are the two things without which there would be no life on Earth?

The answer is Sun and the Moon.

The power of the Sun has energized every being that has ever lived. Think about it for a second. Every physical body, every heartbeat, every thought, every act of photosynthesis in the plant, every microbe, everything that exists.

The Sun gives the power, but the power of the Sun would be inert if it were not for the Moon. Her orbit around the Earth is what regulates the tides and water and maintains the seismic activities of the Earth. If it were not for the Moon all the weather patterns would cease, things would stop growing and life, as we know it on Earth, would cease.

That is the Sun and Moon, but other planets have an effect on our lives and different parts of the body.

The Sun is technically a star and is responsible for providing us energy, warmth, and abundance. Sun in chart depicts how much energy you have, both physical and mental and the functioning of your heart.

The moon is responsible for your digestion process, dispersing excessive heat from your body and the smooth flow of the bloodstream in your body.

A good mercury for the smooth functioning of your brain, intelligence, the ability to take decisions and calmness. Mercury rules the power of communication.

Also known as the planet of love and signifies everything "sweet" in the body. Hence, this planet affects the level of sugar in your body and its malefic effect could result in a condition like Diabetes.

Mars governs the smooth functioning of our kidneys, bladder, and pancreas. Mars signifies temperament and anger.

Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system and presumably stands for strength, physical stamina, smooth functioning of our heart etc.

Saturn governs the role of vitamins and minerals in our body. It is responsible for our strong bones and the build-up of calcium in our body.


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