No need to fear from Manglik Dosha, Discover the real truth behind same.


Manglik is overrated in common life without being given the correct explanation. There are many misconceptions and superstitions associated with same. Many times due to being Manglik in Kundli/ Horoscopes parents have to manipulate with their children's birth dates or time.

To clear the misconception we have collected views from two acknowledged  Astrologers Pandit Ajay Bhambi and Mr Muthu Vijayan Elango along with Pandit Vishnu Prakash Sharma from Vital-Astro.

It is very important to know that Manglik is just one factor in matching two horoscopes for marriage. Moreover, there is variation in the percentage of Manglik dosha according to the placement of Mars, so if the percentage is less then it can be conditionally approved based on other factors in the horoscope.


What is Manglik (Kunja) Dosha?

Let us understand about Manglik dosha first, Mars is considered as the cruel planet in astrology. However, it’s severity depends on the percentage as discussed before and Mars is not the only planets that are associated with married life. Following are the important houses while accessing marriage life in astrology,

2nd house - Family life

4th house - General happiness and conveyance

7th house - Marriage and spouse

8th house - Longevity of spouse

12th house - Conjugal life

Now when Mars is placed in any of the above house then it is termed as Manglik. As mentioned earlier the percentage of dosha varies according to the house it occupies. For example, 7th house and 8th house are very important as it represents spouse and longevity of spouse. So if Mars occupies the 7th house or 8th house then 100% Manglik is considered .Another hand if Mars occupies a 2nd house or 4th house or 12th house then it is considered as 30% Manglik. Again based on lordship the percentage varies. For example, Mars exalted in 7th house should not consider 100% instead it is only 60% dosha.

Few factors in which Manglik dosha can be exempted (or nullified),

  • Both couples have very less Manglik dosha(<25%)
  • Both of the horoscopes indicate combination for sound health and longevity. 6th house rules disease and 8th house rule longevity. When both of this house is well placed then sound health and longevity is predicted.
  • Horoscope has combination for peaceful family life. 2nd house rules family life. So when 2nd lord is well placed without any affliction then peaceful family life is indicated
  • Both horoscopes have the good combination of progeny. The 5th house rules children and progeny. So well placed 5th house without any affliction indicates blessing of children
  • Both horoscopes have good data/bukti for at least next 25 years
  • Both horoscopes should not have the combination of separation. The 12th house represents separation. When the 2nd house or 7th house don’t have any link to the 12th house then couple with life together.


Women /Girls faces more from myths of Mangal Dosha

The bias of men can easily be seen in our society when one starts looking at them minutely. The same is true for ‘Manglik dosha’ or ‘Mars evil’ in astrology. Pt. Ajay Bhambi adds that Mars is the most potent planet of the zodiac after the Sun and every astrologer worth his salt, will praise the quality of Mars if it is present in the lagna of his male client. He may say that this person is very strong, courageous, energetic, forceful, dynamic, fearless, can conquer his enemies easily, may become commander –in-chief etc. etc.. However if the same Mars is present in a girl’s chart the astrologer gets depressed himself and makes sure that his client remains depressed for the rest of his life. His total reversal will be seen as he uses words like arrogance, stubborn, aggressive, negative, intolerant, dominating, housebreaker and god-forbid her husband may die due to this harmful Mars. Alas, one wonders what has happened to Mars all of a sudden.


Not blindly follow Manglik Calculator or Matchmaking Calculator

It is always advisable to seek a consultancy rather than going in for just using a software program or free astrology calculator on some random website. Reputed astrologer Pt. Ajay Bhambi needs to add on this

I am involved right from the concept of computer astrology in this country and I know the formation of computer programs of astrology which are present in this country and abroad. Computer astrology has been a boon for mankind as well as for the subject. At the same time, computerized match-making has done the most disservice to the marriage world for the last 30 years. All match-making programs are faulty. Just by seeing the placement of Mars in a particular house the computer reading gives wrong interpretations. I have data with me that many marriages could not take place because of wrong computer calculations and interpretations. I also have data that those matches that were discarded by computer programs are successful marriages.” There are many factors to see for a successful marriage  discussed above apart from placement of Mars.


Consult a Good Vedic Astrologer

A good Vedic astrologer will be having all the knowledge and practice that is required for a perfect matchmaking and horoscope analysis. Manglik Dosha is a big factor, but not be afraid of. Please consult a good Vedic astrologer, he has solutions for all the issues in the horoscope.

Vital-Astro is committed in bringing the best of Vedic Science to the well-being of his clients. Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma rated recently as Top Three Astrologers in Bhopal. Accurate predictions with effective Vedic remedies and solutions have been life motivating to many.


Vital-Astro is an informative portal on Vedic Sciences, particularly Vedic Astrology. The vision of this portal is to make the viewers aware of the great knowledge and techniques shared in our Vedic Scriptures, also we condemn any kind of superstitions. We strive for peace and well-being of everyone.

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