***  Happy & Satisfied  ***

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma has been providing excellent remedies and solutions from more than eleven years. He has a great following, the yajmans have complete faith in him. With their efforts and prescibed remedies they are all leading a succesful life.


Mr. Sanjeev Mangal

CA, Sr.Account Officer, Bhopal

I have been associated with Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma for more than seven years. His predictions, remedies and solutions all came to be true.

I wish him best of luck for coming online through Vital-Astro.

Kunal Malik

Mr. Kunal Malik

Test Manager, New Delhi

Panditjee is a gem of a person and I came in touch with three years back. All his predictions and remedies for me, my wife and kid all are fruitful.

Planning to shift to Canada and as always Pandit jee will be guiding me.


Mr.Bharat Bharadwaj

Student, Vidisha

Very happy to share my good experience with Sharma jee..its been more than seven years. He has guided me in all troubles.

I follow all his remedies with utmost faith and discipline.


Mr. Rajesh K. Hedau

Businessman, Chhindwara

I am connected to Sharma jee since I was going to UK for MBA in 2008. All his predictions came out to be true, sooner or later.

Managing my own and family business keep seeking his advice in between.


Mr. Manish Sharma

Professional, Australia

It's been since college days I know Vishnu. He is a great human being. A blessing to be a friend of such great personality and knowing.

He is always there to guide me in the path of darkness and despair.


Mr. Abhinay Anand

Working Professional, U.K

 I am very happy to see Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma venture on internet. It will be help to many now and wishing him best of luck.

I have pursuing his guidance from five years and have complete faith in him.

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