Are you frighten or troubled by the Shani and it’s malefic effects or hearing about the adversity that it brings. Saade-Shaati or something is in your mind and you need to clear the doubts about Saturn.

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma shares his knowledge on Shani to make us aware of the misconcpetions attached to Shani and how Vedic Astrology can guide in Saade-Shaati.

Shani (Saturn) is not malefic to everyone

Let me first give you relief that Saturn is not necessarily malefic for everyone, However, it’s been considered to be a cruel planet in Vedic Astrology literatures. Every planet has a special purpose and they are meant to teach us certain lessons (to cultivate qualities) in life as per their Dashas. If we are already aware of that lesson or on right path, why we will face the adversity of Shani or any planets.

The planets are the forces of intelligence and light. This is why they are represented by Gods and Deities. The astrology signs are expressions of the planets- how they feel to us. Planets, Signs and Houses relate to three gunas:

Planets are related to Sattwa (knowledge and wisdom).

Signs are related to Rajas (feeling).

Houses are related to Tamas (form).



What is Shani (Saturn) and what it represents?

Saturn - The worker

There is a lot of hard work and labour that we need to do to have success in life. Facing & Realising the unpleasantness of life and carrying our tasks and duties in spite of all is the job of Saturn. Determination, humbleness, simplicity and capacity to work days and days to achieve are the gifts of Saturn.

We also see Saturn as a strict teacher whose sole purpose in our life is to make us realize our mistakes, our moments of laziness and inaction that landed us in the deplorable state, today and which we need to address and reverse now so that we fare better during the next encounter with Saturn. Saturn is frequently called the “Planet of Destiny”. No other planet is so deeply associated with prarabdha karma (the operative part of pre-­‐destiny). It is thought to be the most judicious, unrelenting and impartial dispenser of the consequences of our past actions. It looks at us from the farthest point in the zodiac and pronounces its judgment.

Saturn is concerned with duty and responsibility, it brings the profession to the forefront. Saturn wants the person to respect his duty and obligations in whatever field of activity the person is engaged. Saturn’s transits reveal the timing of career changes and when recognition for a person’s achievements will come.

What is Saade Saati?

Sade Saati is a period of 7 and ½ years. Shani takes 30 years to traverse all the 12 planets. He stays 2 and ½ years in one ‘rasi’ or sun sign. When the planet, aspects the lord of the house, then the good benefits are derived. In the garland of planets, God Shani is called ‘Chaya Martand’. When ‘Chaya Grah’ or the star passes through a house, that star sign’s previous star’s sign and the next star sign is troubled. That is ‘Chaya Grah’. This belief is accepted in Sade Sati. When Shani passes through the 12th house of the birth chart for the second time, then it is called as Sade Sati. Shani stays in a house for 2 and ½ years. This way, God Shani’s transit through 3 houses is called Sade Sati. (2 and ½ x 3= 7and ½). Therefore, this patch of 7and1/2 years is known to bring suffering, sorrows and misfortune. This is known by people as Sade Saati.

Being Karma Yogi eradicated malefic effects of Sade-Saati

As mentioned Saturn is a teacher and comes to teach us life lessons. However, if a person is the path of the harmony of mind, body and soul, how will be under the adverse effect of Shani. Bhagavad Gita also says to be Karmayogi. A Karmayogi, one who carries out his duties without excessive attachment to the goals and fruits of such actions will be less affected during sade-sati than another who continues to cling to a goal-oriented life and has difficulty in letting go of control. While such a perspective of living throughout life is very welcome, we are all creatures of desires and passions and cannot be ‘good’ all the time. But, if we can live as we should and as we are supposed to in order to attain spiritual growth, even for short periods of time, then we do come out that much better in life.

Saturn rules longevity (indicates your health)

Saturn is the chief planet in producing diseases, being cold and contracting. To locate the nature and seat of diseases in the human body, we need to study Saturn’s role vis-­‐a-­‐vis the bhava (house) and the planets. But one thing is certain, that when the native suffers physically or mentally, Saturn’s hand is always there in the planetary configuration. We cannot ignore its influence in a serious or lingering disease. So, all in all, we need to balance Shani to keep yourself healthy. Health is the first wealth.

Vedic Astrologer can help you in Saade Saati or Saturn malefic effects

There are some general remedies in Vedic scriptures to reduce the malefic effects of Shani, however, these general remedies can’t work perfectly for a person with a weaker Shani in his horoscope. If you facing issues related to Shani, like delay in career, marriage or health problems. It is better to get in touch with a good Vedic Astrologer and check your horoscope. A good astrologer will guide you to negate the malefic effects of Shani and how to plan your life major goals.

The remedies and solutions suggested by the Vedic Astrologer will be a better match to pacify your Shani.


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