The true meaning of God in Hindu Mythology and Astrology


Hinduism has been an always a great religion since the inception of the earth and our four Vedas are the epitome of same. They are all believed to be created by MahaPursha, Brahma -the Creator. Astrology has an important place in Vedas and completes the circle to makes ones complete of Brahma Gyaaan. A good astrologer measures the preponderance of difficulty or ease and the moment in question. An Ayurvedic practitioner needs knowledge of astrology so that he knows the best of time for medicine.

Bhagwaan comprises of two words Bhag and Waan. The one who knows the truth of all and he makes us realize our true potential. True potential, the one that we haven’t realized and needs to be uncovered. Of course, we need to practice the same, there is good saying, God helps whom, who help themselves.

Coming to Shreemad Bhagwat, where Shri Krishna guides Arjun in the war being his chariot, who has all the power in this world to conquer the war with one go. However Shri Krishna chosen happily to be a mentor and makes Arjuna realize in the 18 chapters of Gita that he is more than a body, he is a soul, a pure soul, and his true Karma is to fight without delving into the fruits of Karma, Nishkamakarma. Krishna makes Arjuna realize his true potential, same with Hanumana in Ramaayan who was just passing his time sitting in the forest before meeting Shri Rama.

One needs an identity, a goal in his life like no another. An individual identity, a person for self. Everyone wants to be happy, happiness is human true nature and work brings us closer to God. A true human connects himself through God with his work, it can be the musician, an engineer, a doctor and or a workshop person. But in today’s world do we really have a clear identity or we just trying to achieve that salary package rather than finding God in ourself.

Are we really connected to God or it’s just our parents or society’s pressure makes us lead a profession? I don’t mean to hurt any sentiments for parents, of course, they are the one who brings us in this world and will always be next to God. When it comes to Vedic Astrology which is a highly developed science, a predictive science. Jyotish means light which makes our way shine in the darkness of confusion, anonymity. Vedic science helps in making us an informed decision about what our capabilities and how the stars support us. From the words of Swami Sri Yukteshwar, “It is only when the traveller has reached his goal that he is justified in discarding his maps. There are certain features of law of karma that can be skillfully adjusted by the fingers of wisdom”

Work/ profession gives one’s an identity, we spend most of our time in office work, in fact, more than at our home. Finding God in the work is being too near to him, one needs to be happy and everyone has a right to get a proper direction. From the words of Devdutt Patnaik, in My Gita “ Hinduism, therefore, does not talk of conversion, the only realization of potential. To let our potential be realized without deriving our identity from it, or without denying its existence, is the hallmark of wisdom.”

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