Vital body parts are ruled by different planets and so their energy. A malefic or a weak planet may result in psychological trouble, poor health or losses in finance.

A variety of measures that can be taken to strengthen or balance the energy and qualities of the planet. The Vedic scriptures suggest to help us heal difficult planetary energies. Most of the Astrological remedies come from Ayurveda or at least have a correlation to Ayurveda. Vedic Astrological remedies include herbs and diet, mantras, pujas (religious ceremonies), gemstones, aroma-therapy, charity, and feeding.

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma recommends an individual as per his fate Vedic Astrology remedies (individual or combination) to gain blessings from divine power.


One of the easiest Vedic Astrological remedies to implement with visible effects in some time. The gemstone of the planet ruling ascendant can be wear throughout life as it will have a strengthening influence on the body, vitality and other 1 st house indications. Other appropriate stones can be worn on a long-term basis or for the duration of the planets dasha. Gemstones should be of high quality and free of serious imperfections.

Primary Gemstones are very expensive and for this reason, there are certain secondary or substitute stones that are less costly may be equally effective. Gemstones worn in the form of a pendant or necklace as their recommended sizes can often make them impractical to be worn as astrological rings.



Current difficulties and problems are the ripened effect of past negative actions and are reflected in the horoscope by afflictions of functional malefic planets. The timing for the unfolding of these potentials is indicated by the planetary periods and transits. Charitable actions are one of the Vedic Astrological remedies to reduce the effects of past negative actions.

The best part of charity is that it enables one to come out of his shell and care for other hunger, clothing, shelter. The lower section of society that needs to be uplifted; living a life deprived of basic needs. Charity brings in blessings for us straight from their hearts.



Vedic Mantras

A Vedic mantra is an effective remedy meant to please planets, deities and bring peace to our actions. The Vedic mantra is a  combination of the syllabus which has been so framed and structured that, when pronounced correctly, concentrates universal energy into the individual's spiritual energy. The essence of the mantra is called its 'Root word' or "Beej" and the power generated by it is called " Vedic Mantra Shakti".

Each root word is related to a particular planet or planet lord. The chanting of a Vedic mantra is called "Mantra Yoga" or "Mantra Japa". Mantra chanting synchronizes the sound energy, breath, and senses. It is this chanting which produces a sound wave vibratory energy which is a very powerful energy and can be used to transform lives.


Vedic Fasting

Food is the primary requirement of our body to keep it healthy and running. But how many of we really care about our body, digestive system? Ayurveda says our digestive system that works all day needs to be rest for some time.

Fasting on a special day and occasions, as recommended by Vedic Astrologer, let you thanks to the deities and primarily God. The human body has it's own disciplines (as per individual Doshas) and doing fasting it with utmost faith makes us more calm, conscious.

Fasting suggested as Vedic Astrological remedies comprises of fast on a specific week day, pooja (worship), planet mantra for a duration of malefic dasha.



Vedic Poojas & Yajnas

Vedic Poojas are considered to be auspicious and effective as other astrological remedies because they bring in more positive energy and influence a person's life for betterment. Poojas, when performed the right way or with the aid of a qualified pundit, is said to be very effective.

There are Poojas and Yajnas for  Gods and Goddesses which is very clearly prescribed in the Vedic Astrology science and remedies. Poojas along with positive energy are said to build inner strength and attitude. A person seeks a Vedic Pundit or a purohit for performing the poojas when he himself learns the rituals and performs it by himself the results are highly favourable.



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