Vedic Astrology guide students in achieving their academic merits and career goals. Must Read for Parents


In a country like India where the opportunities are shrinking in every sector and the competition is so fierce. Do we have the luxury of letting us go our children in the wrong stream, letting them neglect their studies or failing?

No, Of course, not.. and that too middle-class families can't afford such situations. Children are the main wealth of every parent and they nourish it with the best of their knowledge and resources.

Education is the base of life.  School and College education helps a person and offers him ample opportunities to confer shape to his life.  Vedic Astrology has the power to unveil the traits and profession for a  person where he can achieve perfection. On the other hand, it can also show light (Jyotish) in the area of his livelihood which might not be the same in which he is planning for further studies or training.

We all as a human being are born with specific skills and for a special purpose where we can reach our full potential. However, in today's competitive world we try to follow the trends and loss the inner voice of our conscience in guiding us.

Astrological guidance helps parents to select the right subject for their children right from the beginning. Some students are also seen quite confused about the selection of the subject they want to study. They themselves do not know which way to go. Here astrology comes as a helping hand. Planets in the natal chart of an individual can indicate the type of education and profession that could suit one the best.

Many students can't concentrate on their studies, there are remedies for them as per their natal chart and based on Ayurveda, Vastu Shastra, and Vedic Astrology. The remedies can be color therapy, gemstones, mantra recitation, pooja or homa.

Every individual case is different and so their luck. There might be some tough time which is due to malefic planets, it can be eased by performing Vedic rituals. If the children can't perform the same, their parents can do the same for their sake.

To seek the blessing of Maa Saraswati one needs to be highly disciplined, purity of mind and body and focus. As a children or student it's not possible for them to attain them easily, it is a continuous discipline that builds upon choosing right food, habits, friends, and subject.

Vedic Astrology shines students path in delusion, eradicate the negativity and invoke the Saraswati from within.

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