What is Vedic Astrology?

"Vedic Astrology is a predictive science. Vedic Astrology is based on the same principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, and the other Vedic Sciences. Yoga comprises of physical and mental practices to discipline mind and body. Ayurvedic medicines and treatment harmonize the individualized mind/body constitution (prakriti) balancing the five elements for proper physical functioning. Believed to the eye of the Vedas, Vedic Astrology plays a unifying role in the enlightened sciences given to us by the ancients. Vedic Astrology can reveal the self-defeating tendencies (weakness) we may not be aware of so we gain control of our situation. It shows that the strengths we have to build on for success in life and the timings to unfold major events."  Vedic Astrology points beyond the personality we have and shows that how our personality can be enhanced with time to achieve our financial, educational, personal and spiritual goals in life.

-Astrologer, Ryan Kurczak

Vedic Astrology & Self Realization

The holy purpose of Vedic Astrology is Self-Realisation. It encourages awareness of one's real potential rather than with which most people identify, such as circumstances, personality, and the body.

A common statement that we hear from people "I am like this and always be". It's good if this statement is for good habits, but what if they identified themselves with wrong habits; sleeping late, unhealthy food habits,  unhygienic habits.  Can't such habits bring any good to them?

Vedic Astrology unveils " The past and current of one's life, the life experiences formed through behaving in the same ways repeatedly. If we keep living in the same way, here is an estimate of how our future life will unfold". As we became aware of the problems areas we start working on them through suggested remdies and solutions.

Vedic remedies and solutions help them in forming major disciplined activities of life. Discipline is the one of the important success factor. All the ritual attached to Vedic remedies are pious and inspires to wake-up early, visiting temples or praying at home, care for nature (tulsi, banyan tree pooja), charity, feeding animals. Alogether it's caring for fourfold division of World what Swatsika and we believe.

Vedic Solutions works day by day and adds more vitality (prana) in every action of ones. Vedic rituals are also great to unite the family. Read more detail on Vedic Remedies & Solutions here.

How can Vedic Astrology guide me?

We as human beings incarnate to fulfill four main purposes in life

  1. Proper livelihood in accordance with our abilities.
  2. Capability to have resources to our needs.
  3. Enjoyment of our life circumstances.
  4. Understanding the architecture of nature and be a vital part in same.

The main purposes are outlined and very clear but is it easy for everyone to enjoy their life circumstances. Bad circumstances act like stigma where one is struck and can't find the way out; Struck in a bad job, an unhappy marriage, losses in business, average education and academics. Vedic Knowledge has the power to guide us through all life dilemmas and act accordingly.

Vedic Astrology guides you into the areas of life that are fully supported and that you might be willing to go for or taking for granted. It can also show areas that are weak and need strengthening through the remedial measure.

Vedic Astrology indicates when to perform actions that are supportive of particular endeavors. Imagine you are interested in moving to a new country or starting a new business. Sucess for that endeavor is indicated in the chart, but the right time to start is after five years. So what if you move now ahead and struggle for coming years.

Please note that  Vedic Astrology is to guide on the right path and right time. Looking for the position of the planets for answers to every decision made in life serves no purpose.

Role of Vedic Astrologer

Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma always says 'a good astrologer knows when to tell and what to tell. Along with  'Pryaas karte rahiye', means Keep Trying the luck will favor very soon.

A Vedic Astrologer's role is :

  1. to listen and understand client's situation, bringing to the light the hidden aspects of a client's life.
  2. showing the way to success based on astrological influences.
  3. to provide a map for harmonizing the four main purposes of human life.

An astrologer requires sufficient intellectual skills to comprehend the concepts presented. In the words of Sri Yukteshwar, "Astrology is too vast and complicated, both mathematically and philosophically, to be rightly grasped except by men of great intellect and nature. "

Vedic Astrology is best practiced by a person whose intuition(sixth sense) is highly developed. It needs medidation and yoga regime to be an enlightned astrologer which comes with regular dedication of mind, body and soul.


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