9th Jan, Tuesday : An Auspicious Day to learn 9 Vedic Facts.

VedicFacts-by Pt. Vishnu Prakash Sharma

9th Jan, Tuesday

All the new year celebrations and vacations are coming to end now. We are all set to start working like always, before getting into your routine and busy life.

Discover the Vedic facts and their logic.  Their true meaning can guide us in leading a  spiritual and successful life at the same time.



Hinduism is one the oldest and sacred religion. It holds the truth of life in the form of Vedas. Vedas tells us the architecture of the earth and living beings.  Puranas helps us in learning the moral of life with stories.

However, there is a majority of people with a perception of Hindu religion being complex and full of superstitions. The complexity and superstitions are ill-placed because of the sheer greediness of some person and that too an extent on our ignorance in understanding the religion from good resources.

Modern Gurus and great personalities like Devdutt Patanaik, Dr David Frawley, Sam Gippi, has brought the Hinduism into it's real glory. They are successfully implementing their knowledge and practice in real-world problems and issues.

Four Major Purpose of Human Life:

  1. Dharma- Knowing what is right and wrong
  2. Kama - Motivation and desires
  3. Artha - Making a meaningful life with fame and money
  4. Moksha - Soul Liberation.

Hinduism respects individuality and vividness. The hierarchy of Gods is very well placed with deities allocated  their specific roles and responsibilities. Practices and spiritual activities associated with Hinduism are very Eco-friendly and healthy.


Ganapati represents our brain

Vigna means agitation/ disturbance. Agitation of our mind and body manifests as thoughts and actions. Vigneshwara is the master (Easwara) of these agitations, which means thoughts and actions.

Gana refers to set of groups. Ganapati means who is the leader (pati) of the groups. If thoughts are a group then brain hosts them is Ganapati. If our body systems are a group, then the Brain that controls them is Ganapati. Wherever we need to invoke our brain, concentrate, focus, think and act we invoke Ganapati or Vigneswara.


Lakshmi represents Supreme Consciousness

Vedic Scriptures mentions about Eight Lakshmis, eight attributes or signs that a being should possess. These eight attributes are the sign or mark of that Supreme Consciousness residing in us.

The eight attributes of Lakshmi are:

  1. Vidya Lakshmi – Sign of Education/ Knowledge
  2. Vijaya Lakshmi – Sign of Refusing to be beaten
  3. Veera Lakshmi – Sign of Truth in our expression
  4. Sanatana Lakshmi – Sign of treating all beings on earth as a family.
  5. Gaja Lakshmi  – Sign of Control and Rulership of ourselves.
  6. Anna Lakshmi  – Sign that we are food to each other.
  7. Dhana Lakshmi – Sign that we desire materials.
  8. Maha Lakshmi - Realizing that this sign of consciousness that exists in all matter and beings called Wisdom.

All these 8 attributes cover a major skills and discipline required to succeed in life. When we worship Lakshmi, we invoke these in our consciousness to align with that Supreme Consciousness.


Saraswati is Knowledge

Knowledge is nothing but the power of expression. Vedic Mantras invokes Saraswati as the best rivers and best of the Mothers. Mother teaches the expression to a child. Hence Saraswati is the Ultimate Mother. The power of expression flows across beings like a river and evolves living beings continuously. Hence  she is the ultimate river.



Being a devotee of Hanuman brings anger and encourages celibacy; this notion is utterly baseless. Worshipping Hanuman brings in peace from the planet Mars. Mars which represents courage, anger and determination. A true devotee of Hanuman knows when to expand the mind and when to contract with the limited worldview of others. Hanuman makes us learn and channelize our anger in creative ways.

Lord Hanuman blesses when a devotee chants Sita-Ram with true heart and feelings. Sita-Ram always in our heart and chanting their name, brings in energy flow from the pious Couple who are real Gods (incarnation of Lakshmi and Vishnu). He is teaching us to be pure, engaged in marriage, be truthful to parents, family and society.



There is a lot of hard work and labor that we need to do to have success in life. Facing & Realising the unpleasantness of life and carrying out tasks and duties in spite of all is the job of Saturn. Determination, humbleness, simplicity and capacity to work days and days to achieve are the gifts of Saturn.

We also see Saturn as a strict teacher whose sole purpose in our life is to make us realize our mistakes, our moments of laziness and inaction that landed us in the deplorable state, today and which we need to address and reverse now so that we fare better during the next encounter with Saturn. Saturn is frequently called the “Planet of Destiny”. No other planet is so deeply associated with prarabdha karma (the operative part of pre-­‐destiny). It is thought to be the most judicious, unrelenting and impartial dispenser of the consequences of our past actions. It looks at us from the farthest point in the zodiac and pronounces its judgment.


Yoga, Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology

Predictive Science i.e Vedic Astrology is based on the same principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, and the other Vedic Sciences. Yoga comprises of physical and mental practices to discipline mind and body. Ayurvedic medicines and treatments harmonize the individualized mind/body constitution (Prakriti) balancing the five elements for proper physical functioning. Believed to the eye of the Vedas, Vedic Astrology plays a unifying role in the enlightened sciences given to us by the ancients.

Vedic Astrology reveals the ‘’Soul DNA” by making us aware of the:

  • Self-defeating tendencies (weakness) we may not be aware of so we gain control of our situation.
  • It shows that the strengths (capabilities) we have to build on for success in life and the timings to unfold major events.

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The right mix of knowledge and energy can lead you in the right and successful direction. Unblock all the bad luck and Karmas this year with the enlightenment of Hinduism. Let’s be more productive, successful and wealthy.

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Vital-Astro is an informative portal on Vedic Sciences, particularly Vedic Astrology. The vision of this portal is to make the viewers aware of the great knowledge and techniques shared in our Vedic Scriptures, also we condemn any kind of superstitions. We strive for peace and well-being of everyone.

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